How we work:

  • We receive leads from our network in Ireland
  • We assess these horses, looking at their breeding, who and how they are produced and what they have done sofar
  • We look closely at their exterior, how they move and their jumping abilities
  • The horses are subject to a 5 stage vetting and X rays are being made by our trusted vets in Ireland. X rays are being assesst by our own vet in Holland
  • The horses are being imported and transported by our exclusive provider
  • Once in Holland we have a set "onboarding"  program including longing, riding and a few days, hacking and XC training or a few days out hunting
  • We now are able to create a "matching profile" for a good horse - rider match
  • Horses are being presented to the relevant people and markets
  • At the moment we mostly work on " commission base".